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10 Tips For An Easier House Move

1.    Start earlyStarting early simply means that you have as much time as possible. Few people ever regret starting early, but many regret not having more time. Use it wisely.2.    Plan wellPlanning is extremely important if you are going to have everything go to plan. You will no doubt find that there are a great many different things that can go wrong, and if you have not prevented or prepared for them, then the fact of the matter is that you could be in serious trouble. 3.    Removal companyYour removal company will be very influential in the success of the move. You need to ensure that your movers or man and van are totally happy to give you advice and extra help on little things, in order that the move goes smoothly. Trust your gut when you are picking one, as being concerned as to how good your removals service is will only lead to more worry.4.    Sell junkRather than packing up more than you need to, sell off all of your bits and pieces that you do not need. You will find that you can make a fair bit back off of them at a car boot, rather than paying get them moved, and to potentially end up keeping them in storage.5.    Packing orderPack your house up in an intelligent order, to prevent any need for unpacking later on. If you pack away unused or ornamental things first, and then leave boxes of things that are needed more regularly open, then you should not have to retrace your steps with the packing alter on.6.    Label boxesLabeling your boxes well could save a lot of time and hassle for you if looking for something, and it will also mean that the removals team treat them as they should be treated. Putting ‘fragile’ stickers on a box is very common, but ‘delicate china’ will be more affecting. You should write which room each box is going to as well, to save time with the unpacking.7.    DelegateMake sure that everyone in the family who is capable of helping is helping. Your other half should not be getting away without least taking care of some of the jobs. You will find that your kids can be of some help in putting their toys in to boxes, but for the large part, the adults will have to deal with most of the work.8.    Children care.Make sure that you have someone who can take care of the kids when you need to have your eye on the removal. It is not fair on you or the kids to try and do both, and they would likely be more comfortable at a relatives, so if there is anyone who should be able to help you out, make sure you get them involved early, to avoid any difficulties.9.    Furniture planFor your furniture removals, give your movers a plan of the new house, and draw in where the larger pieces of furniture will go. You will find that the plan means that the furniture gets dropped off in the right place, so that you don’t have to spend time and effort moving it later.10.     First night boxPack a box for your first night, to ensure that you have quick access to things like essential kitchen ware, jumpers, bedding, etc, so that you can get comfortable immediately, without having to search through boxes. Be sure to get the number of a local takeaway as well, to sweeten the deal!