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4 Places to Get Cardboard Boxes

Moving house can be a stressful time – after finding your new dream home and getting someone else to take your old one of your hands, you then have to think about the logistics of moving everything you own from one property to another. The last thing you want to do is run around town, not knowing how or where to get cardboard boxes. The cardboard box has long been the most popular choice of vessel to transport goods in. They are cheap, easy to source, and do the job just fine. They are also recyclable, which is an ever more growing concern of the average citizen, as environmentally friendly ways to move seep in the consciousness of those moving homes. Below are put a few places to look when searching for cardboard boxes: 1)    SupermarketsAs supermarkets are large commercial places, they deal with multiple deliveries each day. The average supermarket will usually get more than a tonne of goods delivered to them each day as they attempt to restore their stock. This means that they have a huge number of cardboard boxes that they do not have any use for. Most supermarkets will make these readily available to the public. Just ask an employee of a supermarket and they will tell you whether they have any available, and if they do, where they are. The only problem with seeking boxes this way is that you are stuck with the boxes they have, that could be any different shape and size. But the main advantage of sourcing your boxes this way is that they will be free. 2)    OnlineLike almost everything else in the world, cardboard boxes can be purchased online. Although buying them online will be considerably more expensive than getting them at a supermarket (more expensive than free isn’t hard), ordering them online won’t set you back that far. Unlike with getting them for free at your local supermarket, ordering them online means the boxes will arrive in pristine condition, and you will be able to choose what size and shape the box it, making it more tailor fitted for your needs. If you can see yourself reusing the cardboard box multiple times, then why not purchase a cardboard box that constructs and deconstructs over the internet – it’s far more suitable for reusing than a standard cardboard box is, as it can easily be stored away. 3)    Office supply storesFinding cardboard boxes in an office supply store is doable, if the office supply store is suitably big enough. In fact, large, supermarket- office supply stores might also have cardboard boxes available for free too. But failing that, they should be available in the store for not much money at all. They will likely be cheaper than buying them over the internet, as the main cost for internet box buying is the shipping. If you buy them in person, you simply only have to pay for the box. 4)    Removal firmsAs removal firms help people transport all their worldly possessions from one property to another, it should come as no surprise to find out that they will have a plethora of cardboard boxes. Whether or not they are willing to give them to you without using their removal service depends on the individual removal company. But it can never hurt to ask. If you are in the market for a removal company as well as cardboard boxes, then why not kill two birds with one stone and hire out a removal service that will provide you with amble cardboard boxes. Most removal firms will also provide a packing service, where they will pack all your items into cardboard boxes that they themselves supply.