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The Downside to Cardboard Moving Boxes

Cardboard moving boxes may seem like regular moving material, but there is a big downside to this. It ends up getting stashed in landfills throughout the country. But before it even gets to this point, some minor irritating things about it will be experienced by the movers. For example, they can sometimes be less sturdy than other options and some lids do not fit in properly to keep your things secure. Many of these cardboard moving boxes are quite flimsy and can hold less than a cushion! You end up spending more because you have to put lots of packaging tape.

Moreover, these boxes do not come cheap. Coupled with buddle wrap, parcel tape and other stuffing you could easily spend seventy dollars just to pack up your stuff in these less-than-desirable materials. Moving is in itself quite a large expense, so it does not help when you still have to spend a lot of money for the packaging. Because of these problems, the in thing to do now is to go for recyclable and reusable moving boxes that are made from sturdy materials which you do not buy but hire or rent out. It costs less, is safer for the environment and is a lot sturdier. Thank goodness for this material because it makes the entire task of moving so much easier and economical.