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The Family that Moves Together, Stays Together

Moving a family to a new location may not sound as"good news" to all, especially to the kids. Leaving school, and neighbors, especially friends, may be too difficult for them to accept. To make relocation easier to sink in, here are a few suggestions:
(a)   Communicate properly. Moving may not sound as a decision that the kids should be involved in. However, it would be best to talk to them personally to set their expectations. Answering possible questions such as "Why is there a need to move?", "When is the scheduled move?" and "Where is the location of the new home?" may definitely go a long way.
(b)  Moving the family when a school year is over would be better for the kids. At least they still have ample time to bid farewell to classmates, teachers, and friends who have been a part of their everyday lives.Throwing a farewell party on your old house before the move may also be a good idea.
(c)   Involve them in packing. Teaching kids on how to pack some of their things such as school items and toys may be a good idea for them to easily embrace the thought of relocation. Doing so will also save you time to attend to other matters before making the big move.