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Crate Training Your Dog for the Move

How do you help your dog handle the stressful circumstances of a move? Well, you can actually train it, and the program will differ depending on your canine's age. An older dog will require a significantly greater amount of attention than a puppy or juvenile. Even though your older dog is house trained, it will require a lot of "refresher courses," so to speak. Crate Training Crate training simply refers to the process by which you get your dog used to the container/cage/crate in which you will be transporting it. By letting your dog use it some time before the move, the cage will pick up familiar scents from the old house, the various household members, and from the dog as well. That way, the dog will have something familiar to return to when it is feeling disoriented in the new residence. Having A Schedule To create train your dog, keep it in the crate, together with some of its favourite items (toys, blankets pillows, etc.) It's very simple, but don't forget to take your dog out every hour or so to let it answer the call of nature. Relax One more thing to remember is that if you're stressed, your dog will pick up on it and have difficulty with the training. So relax, and try to make the experience as pleasant for your dog as possible.