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Finding Cheap Removal Companies

Moving home is one of the most stressful and expensive times in a person’s life. You are likely to have paid out your life saving in order to secure your new home, or pay a deposit on a rented property. When you have already spent vast amounts of money it is natural to look for ways to save money in alternative ways. Most people when moving home will use a removal company to transport all their belongings, in a fast and effective way. It must not be underestimated the amount of physical work that is involved when moving home and it is exhausting. Removal companies will take away some of this strain of carrying and lifting boxes. Removal companies can be expensive, especially when you have already paid out substantial amounts to secure your new home. These following tips and suggestions will help you save money and find cheaper removal companies. Shop aroundDon’t just settle on the first company you find online or in the yellow pages. People won’t accept the first quote they are offered for car or home insurance so have this same mindset when getting quotes for a removal. There are many websites available to provide you the best quote from removal companies, so as with other price comparison sites utilise this. When checking for quotes always check what is included in the price. You may get low quotes but the service may not be what you expect. Be prepared to pay slightly more if you would like packing service, while this may cost you slightly more you have the peace of mind your items have been packed away correctly and safely. The quotes you will get online or over the phone will likely be rough valuations and the removal company should send an assessor. The assessor will give you a more precise price when they have checked all your belongings and know how much is needed to be packed and moved, and also how far it has to be moved. Some removal companies may not take your items long distances, so bear this is mind if you are relocating to a different city.Make sure you are insuredMost removal companies will provide an additional insurance policy to cover the worst case scenario. It is recommended to take removal insurance as accidents do happen, especially when potentially hundreds of boxes are stacked into a van or truck together. The removal companies cannot guarantee your items won’t be broken. Having the insurance will give you added protection for breakages and prevent any unexpected payments needing to be paid if an item is broken.Ask a friend or family and be safeIf you know anyone that has recently completed a move, ask them how they found their removal company. If you can get some firsthand feedback this is more useful than online reviews. If your friend’s crockery all got broken in transit you know to avoid a certain company. Also don’t be tempted to settle for a cheaper, unaccredited removal firm. You don’t want to place your life into the hands of a cowboy removal man. Always check that the removal company you use are members of either The British Association of Removers or The National Guild of Removers and Storers. These two bodies set the rules and regulations for a removal firm to abide by and prevent the chances of you using a cowboy company.