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Getting home buyers remorse from moving to the N1 area

It is not uncommon for you to start having worries or concerns after you have moved into a property in the N1 area that you initially thought was perfect.  This is termed home buyers remorse, and it is feelings of regrets over buying the house, worries that you have made the right decision, scared that you may be trapped in a home you won’t be happy in.  Home buyers remorse can affect you regardless of how suited your property is to your wants and needs, so it does not mean that you have made a mistake in buying the property and you should not rush into making any hasty decisions, like putting the house on the market and looking for somewhere new.There are some ways in which you can help yourself from avoiding suffering from home buyers remorse, things you both before you have moved into your new home and some after you have moved in:What you can do before buying the property:•    Get as much information about the property as you can, speak to your estate agent and the sellers of the property as well as the neighbours of the home and people living in the area.  Ask questions about the house and the area, and make sure that it seems like somewhere you would be happy living.  This will also help you if anything you have been told turns out not to be true, if you ask a direct question and either the seller or the estate agent or both lie to you, you may be able to pursue them legally for fraud.  If you find out after you have bought the property that there is a problem with it that makes you not want to live there, and it is something that you never questioned properly then legally you have nobody to blame for your living circumstances. •    Try to view a house more than once before you close the deal.  Walk through the house and scrutinise it, is it exactly what you want and need? If you have had to settle on anything are you sure that you are happy with that? Do you feel comfortable when you walk around the home, can you picture your furniture in the rooms and your family photographs on the wall? If you already have some doubts about whether this is the house for you, then take some time and really think about it before going any further, and while you still have time to back out and look for another home. •    Consider the affect the move will have on your finances, this includes thinking about the change in your mortgage payments, if there is going to be an increase in the price of your energy bills, if your new property is in a higher tax band, etc. What can you do after moving into the property:•    Try to remain positive and think about the positive aspects of your move.  You will have already ascertained that this is your ideal property, what’s more is t is an investment in your future, and that of your children and grand-children.  Avoid focusing on the commitments that you have made in order to attain the property, and the money that the move has and continues to be costing you, if you have made sure you can afford to live there then you will be fine once you have settled in.  And always consider the fact that, if you don’t want too, you never have to move home again. •    Think about what the alternatives were, remind yourself of the properties you viewed and the ones available, how some were too small or not in the right area, and how now you are living in in a property that is ideal for you. Furthermore, you could be in a rented property without the securing of owning property and having some sort of investment.