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Have an Organized, Hassle-Free Move by Following these Tips

Over the years, you would have accumulated a lot of stuff in your home that you may have used only once, or not at all. When planning a move, it's things like these which add to the clutter, that is why you need to turn packing and moving into an organized process as possible.

Pack Early

The first thing that you need to remember when moving is to pack early. Do it one room at a time. Make an inventory of the things that you have and know which ones you need to pack for the move, which items to throw away and which ones you can possibly sell at a garage sale. The minute that you learn when the date of your move is, start buying boxes, tapes and bubble wrap then get a head start on your packing.

Planning & Organizing Your Move
Next, decide whether you will move things yourself or if you will hire a professional to do it for you. For families with a lot of stuff to move, it is recommended that they hire professional removals companies. But if you're only moving out of your college dorm room and you have a handful of personal things, you can simply put them all in your car and make the move yourself.
Labelling Boxes as Priority
It's also a good idea to label boxes as priority. Once all of your things are transferred to your new home, it might take you weeks to get settled in so mark the essentials as priority boxes. Have one marked for the kitchen so that you can set things up and start cooking on your second day. Have one for the bedroom and the bathroom, because you'd want to get some shuteye so that you will have energy to organize things during the succeeding days after the move.