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How to Minimize Storage Costs during Your Move

Moving alone can be a costly feat. And so it's quite understandable why you would want to avoid any additional expenses. However, in cases when you are moving to smaller house it is most of the time inevitable that you would require storage space for the things that will not fit your new house. At times, you would also need storage space when the move to the new house has for some reason have to be postponed but you already need to  leave your current home.
You are lucky if you have family and friends who can offer you their extra space for free. However, you must take note that you would have to take your things back after some time because they would also use the space in their house. You would not want to put them into an inconvenience either.
Another option is to negotiate with the removals company for a free storage space use. But this free option may be good for a limited time only. You may also get free storage when you rent one way truck rentals. While this is also for a limited time, it will benefit you when you get to put things in order in just a matter of a few weeks.
If you can't get it for free, your next option is to include the use of the storage facilities with the removals package deal. This would usually end up being cheaper as you can negotiate for better deals when you get more services.
Of course, to minimize costs you should also know how to pack efficiently to be able to maximize available storage space. By doing so you would not require extra storage space because you would be able to fit everything within a smaller space.