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Items to Check Off Your To-Do List when Moving

If you're no moving expert, the first thing that you need to do when planning a move is to make a checklist of the things that you need to do. If not, you will get lost at the flurry of activities and you might forget something. For instance, you may have called a removals company but have you asked them all the right questions? Did you give notice to the newspaper boy that your subscription will be cut off once you move? Have you already gotten a head start with the packing? By having a checklist of items that you can cross off your to-do list, you can have a breezy, organized and more hassle-free move.
Know What to Do Before, During & After the Move
To get you started, here is a list of the things that you need to do before, during and after the move:
   Things to do before packing your things onto boxes.
Let's say that you have already finalized the date of your move. Some of the things that you need to do include defrosting your refrigerator and freezer. Naturally, you have to consume all the food inside so skip grocery shopping close to your move so that the food won't spoil. Leave the doors open for about two days prior to the move so that all the moisture still inside can be dried out.
Put together all the packing supplies that you would need. Organize your things in such a way that there's a neat pile for what you have to simply throw away, donate, recycle or put out in a garage sale. If you have storage cabinets, remove all the items inside drawers.
To make sure that you can settle in nicely at your new home without having to rummage through unopened boxes, put together an "Open first" box. This is important and the box should contain a few essentials such as kitchen utensils, beddings, a few clothing items and important things for the baby if you have a young child.
   Things to not do during a move.
Movers will not even bother to load dangerous and flammable items inside the truck, so do not bother packing them. This includes paint cans, kerosene, oil lamps, aerosols, cleaning fluids, etc. If you're a cleaning bug, resist the temptation to polish furniture pieces prior to a move. The chemical may condensate when wrapped, marring the surface of the wood. Do not pack in boxes important items such as your keys, jewelry, money, legal documents and other important items. Keep them with you during the move.
   Things to do the night before the move.
Only use the air conditioning unit when necessary the night before the move to prevent furniture pieces from condensing before getting loaded on the moving truck. Pack your suitcases in your own car along with other valuables. By knowing what to do before, during and after a move, you can easily transition from one address to another.