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Knowing Where You're Going to Move

One of the most important factors that should factor into a decision to move into a certain neighborhood or place is the location. Sadly, many people's decisions are guided by price, which, while important, should not be the sole consideration you make when moving to a particular neighborhood. More often than not and more often than we like, decisions based on financial considerations alone can actually cost more than what it's worth, especially in the long run - so don't be one of those people who make that mistake when it comes to moving.
Scouting and studying your location is important because the particular locale you will be moving into will define you way of life when you finally get there and move in. Things like the proximity to hospitals (particularly if you have some pre-existing conditions that might require you going to the hospital immediately from time to time) or schools (which applies especially when you have or are going to have kids) and other important establishments should be considered. Also look at what kind of neighbors you'll be having and especially th safety of the neighborhood, which is important if you have a car parked outside or if you tend to go home at late hours.