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Moving Into Your First Flat In West Hampstead

Moving to West Hampstead in London, especially when you are making this big step for the first time, can be quite intimidating. The first thing to determine is whether you would like to share a flat with other people. It sounds like a great idea, but it can be hard especially if they are complete strangers that you are meeting for the first time. The big benefit is of course splitting the living costs among each other. The big disadvantage is that you literally can’t do anything if your flat mate simply doesn’t want to do any housework. It’s best to move with a close friend that you know well enough so your living habits will be more or less similar. Look for a place well before you move, not in the last possible moment. Check out the area and decide whether you’d like to live there. It’s not just about the building where the flat is – it’s much more than that. Don’t pick an area or a flat that is very convenient for your flat mate, but not for you, in terms of work, studies or commuting. This is not a reasonable decision in the long run. Accept that your first flat might not be the palace you wish you could live in. Next, plan the inventory that you will bring with you. If the flat is fully furnished, you don’t have to move your bed and drawers, but if it’s not, then everything you can transport will be helpful. It’s essential to have a clear idea of your budget – both for the rent and bills and the moving process. Draw up a plan and include costs for utilities, groceries, entertainment, rental, etc. It’s easier to find a great flat to move to when you consider your finances as a whole. The moving process could be the hardest part of the relocation, because London is a large and busy city and you need a solid organization. If you want to move packed cardboard boxes and some furniture pieces, you wouldn’t need a large moving truck and you can easily manage with the packing on your own. Hire a man and van service or a van you can drive yourself. Another option is to share a truck with a friend who is moving in with you and thus split the costs. Discuss each stage of the move with your friend and don’t move all the clutter from your current home. If you manage to save up from the moving costs, you will have more money to spend on the new flat. One of the ways to reduce your moving costs is by reducing the actual amount of shipment. The other one is by packing everything yourself and finding used cardboard moving boxes. You can replace the bubble wrap with linen or newspaper for padding and wrapping of fragile items.When packing your moving boxes, label them accordingly – this will save you time when you start unpacking and can prevent damages. The fragile items should be well-wrapped in bubble wrap, linen or paper. Place books in smaller boxes as they are sturdier and can hold heavier items easier. Before you move make sure you discuss all the rules regarding the safe exploitation of the house with your landlord.