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Packing Electrical Goods For Safe Removals

When you are moving house, one of the most concerning aspects of the whole thing can be the safety of the items in the boxes that you have packed. Whilst your main concern will be the more expensive delicate items made form ceramics or glass, you will likely have a fair amount of money ties up in electrical goods and domestic technology, which can easily be broken. You will find that no matter how excellent your domestic removals company are you may have issues with items if they are badly packed, simply because of the nature of the vibrations in the van. Electrical goods do not fare very well with vibrations, as the shaking can undo fittings like screws, and pull wires from their connectors. This will leave you with a situation where the appliance looks fine, but will not work, which can be expensive to have diagnosed and fixed. The issues of course is that many people do not know how to pack things to prevent this, and given that it is not the most common of issues, many don’t bother. However, a few simple guidelines will ensure that you are not at risk of having broken technology when you unpack your boxes! The best thing to start with when packing electrical items is a layer of bubble wrap around the inside of each box. The air in the bubbles will protect against the movements that the vibrations of the van will inflict on the box, keeping the electrical items suspended in a way. This will mean that the appliances are not knocking into the edges of the box, but they will be knocking against each other a little, which is why a layer of bubble wrap over glass is sensible, but you can wrap tissue or newspaper around the actual items themselves to prevent them scratching each other. Be sure to mark boxes accurately, and not just with ‘heavy’ or ‘fragile’. A brief inventory of what is in each box and the room that it is destined for will mean that the unpacking is as easy as possible, whilst also ensuring that the box is not put in a compromising position. Boxes that are bulky or heavy will usually be placed at the bottom of a stack, but if your box full of technology is placed underneath other boxes, it may be more at risk. Labeling the box with its contents will mean that the removals company will be able to make a decision as to how they feel things will be safest.When packing electrical goods, an important aspect is to ensure that they are easy to reassemble and set up. This means that you need to keep the correct cables, wires and installation manuals with each item. You can either tape such things to the item itself, or set up a separate box for them, if there is a lot of it. When you are taping cables to appliances, you should be sure not to put tape on anything that will be marked by the residue. If you are packing a box of cables, be sure to wrap them up properly, and tape them off to stop them getting tangled. Ensure that you write the destined appliance on each cable’s tape, so that they are reunited easily when you unpack. Whilst many readers will find these tips a little obvious, it can be that certain aspects of it were new to some. Ensure that your removals company are aware of what is in your packing boxes and you should be fine!