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Packing Guides before a DIY Moving

There are many reasons behind the decisions of moving. Some seek to have better employment; some seek for new adventures and some families need a bigger place to comfortably accommodate themselves. Whatever the reason is, moving always costs something. That is why many people opt to do the cheaper choice-Do-it-yourself packing and moving.
But before you start packing, here are some useful guides you can follow:
1. Organize the items you want to bring with you. Gather the unwanted items and drop them to charitable organizations.
2. Make a list of all your belongings.  Make sure you take note of the small items that you have such as books, jewelries, toys etc. Use this inventory to decide how many moving boxes you will need.
3. Set aside important documents such as plane tickets, passports, and medicine.
4. Buy quality packing supplies. Recycled liquor boxes may not be strong enough to handle your belongings. You can also call local movers if they have used moving boxes.
5 Set appropriate checklist of you packing supplies.  This should include packing boxes, packing paper, packing tape, tape gun and markers for labeling.
When you are all set for your packing, all you have to do is search for a rental truck that will fit your budget. You can search online for different types of rental trucks and services. Just remember to plan carefully and give yourself enough time to find the best deals. With the guides outlined above, you can start your systemized DIY moving and gear up for your moving day.