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Safely Handling a Move Involving Children

Remember that if there is one thing which is far more important than the removal process itself and its successful completion it is the happiness and the safety of your closes people-friends and family. This is specifically true especially about your children or the children involved and close to the process of removal that you have chosen to deal with. It is your responsibility, a responsibility much greater than any of the ones connected to the successful completion of the relocation process is to secure the trouble-free time of your children throughout the nervous and anxiety-filled time of the removal. First of all, probably the most problematic situation with children during a removal would be to have to deal with small children between the age of four and newborn babies. The younger the child is, the more vulnerable it is to any sort of commotion or chaos and you can only imagine how much of noise and disorder you will have in your home while you are dealing with the removal. This is why you need to take every precaution and you need to be extremely careful when you are taking care of children in such a fragile age and almost every time and pretty much essentially you have to make sure that those children are out of the removal’s way and far from it. The best thing to do really is to distract the little children or simply send them to someplace else with people that you trust and know. In both cases there will be some risks and problems. When it comes down to them staying in the house of the removal while you are distracting them you still risk to expose them to the stress and the chaos caused by the removal and since you are not a super-human and you are not a robot capable of controlling every second of your actions and the thoughts of your little baby there will be some amount of time in which your child will be stressed out from the removal. When it comes down to sending them to someplace else you certainly make sure that they won’t be exposed in any way to the level of chaos but you also limit greatly the time they can spend with you which is bad especially if you are in the role of the parent.  If we are talking about slightly more mature children in the age of let’s say five to ten, the negative effects won’t be so bad for your child. In fact the older the small child grows the more the negative effects are transferred to the parents and the grown-ups who need to take care of the child during the removal because 5 to 10 year olds tend to make a big scene out of it if they are unhappy with the removal which simply creates explosions and a sea of stress for the adults surround it. So the best thing you could do is first step-convince the child that this is something good and to make it feel excited about it and second-involve it in the process of removal and work-of course not with something important but with something light, easy and by all means, if it is possible in some way-pleasurable.  So all in all you need to remember that the bigger your young children are the better the effects for them will be, or more accurately put-the dangers are lower but in each case you will have to put equal amount of efforts-significant efforts in order for your children to go through this with a smile.