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Seven Tasks to Assign Employees for a Smooth Office Removal

Office removals are very tricky because so many people are usually involved ranging from the employees themselves to the clients that the office receives and everyone has to be on the same page to avoid hang ups and confusion. Being someone who is in charge of making the move run efficiently can be quite stressful that is why it is good to have some help. Some common tasks that can be assigned out to employees to take care of so that the weight doesn't just rest on one's shoulders can be found in this article and can help the office removal go that much more efficiently.

1)    Having walk in clients or better said clients that come into the office for appointments or interviews or even to see product inventories can be tricky to deal with and making them aware of a new location is necessary to keeping their business. This task can be assigned to an employee with ease in many different ways. Some ideas are to have an employee create fliers with a small map of the new location, including the new address. Another way to handle this is to call all of the clients and make them aware of the move or send out a mailing if possible.

2)    Create an inventory of office supplies; this task can be handed to one or more employees and it is vital to the company's transition into the new location. Mainly because you will need to know where things will go in the new office and make sure you have enough room for everything in the new office.

3)    Create a layout for employee desks; you may or may not want to assign this task out but it is important to know who will be where in the new office.

4)    Have an employee maintain employee access to the new office; this task may include handing out keys to the new location, making sure the keys work and making enough copies of the keys that will be needed.

5)    If you have an IT department you may want to assign them the task of making sure everyone has access to the network in the new office. They should make sure this is done before the employees arrive in the new office.

6)    You may want to have an employee create and handout a checklist to office member to make sure everyone is on the same page with the removal, this way if there are employees that have any issues or confusion of the situation there concerns can be addressed before the move.

7)    Having an employee hand out moving materials to other team members is a good idea so everyone has a access to packing and moving materials to pack their personal belongings and desk supplies.
With everyone involved an office removal can run relatively easily and there are many tasks that can be assigned depending on the size of the office or the amount of employees and what actually needs to be done. Involve everyone who is willing and an office removal can be a cinch.