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Successfully Move Out in Days

Suppose you got to move out of your place in three days. Let's say, you got divorced, evicted, or better you found a better job. It's really hard to think clearly about moving at this point, but as they say, ‘you got to do what you got to do'. Here are some tips for you.
1.    Don't panic. This is not to make you feel any better. It is absolutely imperative that you stay calm in this very confusing moment. You need to stay focused so you can move forward with the task.
2.    Take the necessities first. You do not have the time and all you want is to start tossing everything in the boxes.  If you are going to do this, do it systematically. In your necessities, be sure to include a dish fork knife, a skillet and some work clothes.
3.    Pack in groups. Get the items wherever there is a huge stock of them. If most of your books are in the study, then start stacking your books there.    Other groups may be categorized as glass, wall photos, jewelry, office supplies and so forth.
4.    Get as many boxes as you can. You can get them from a local grocery store or liquor store. You may also need to buy some bubble wrap and packing tape.
5.    Gather packing supplies in each room.
6.    Divide each group into two or three groups. For instance, you clothes may be winter, summer or transitional. If you can do without subcategorizing, that is even better!
7.    Begin packing.