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Tips for moving on a budget

Moving is an event which can stress out even the calmest of people. It brings excitement and anticipation, but also lots of worries. Most people need to carefully plan the whole process to fit in their budget. The cost of moving is one of the biggest turn offs. The key to saving is to plan well in advance - this will help you move smoothly and economically.
You may think that planning months ahead is not necessary, but there are so many things to consider and prepare that the more time you have, the easier you'll manage. Decide what your budget is - if you have to fly book the tickets and accommodation as early as possible. There are many expenses which people don't think about, such as tips for the professional movers, storage fees, repairs, fuel, meals and hotels while you are on the road. If you are hiring moving service check recommended companies which fees are not too high. However, don't look for the cheapest, because you won't receive very qualified movers. Renting the truck is another big expense. Hire a truck where you can fit most of your belongings to have as few trips as possible. Another option is to hire a self-service moving company. Always inquire about all the details, taxes and what is expected of you to prepare. The next thing to do is to determine what exactly you are taking with you, what doesn't work anymore and can be thrown away and what you are going to sell or give away. You can make some extra money by organizing a garage sale. This is a smart way to get rid of unwanted things by earning some cash to invest in the moving process. Assess your belongings - some things are wiser to sell in advance than to pay to move them. After you have made a list of everything you are moving you need to gather the packing material. A bundle of moving boxes, wrapping paper and other materials can be purchased online for a reasonable price. If you wish to save from that, you can start scouting your town for moving boxes in good condition - you can find these in department stores, retailer shops, pharmacies and others. This is not only a way to save money on quality boxes, but it's also environmentally friendly. You can also ask friends or relatives who have recently moved for leftover supplies. You can use linen, old newspapers or cloth for padding and cushioning in the boxes. After you collect the needed material start packing your belongings in a way the items won't break inside the boxes. Big and valuable items like statues, pianos or other expensive things need special care and usually special boxes - trust the professional movers with them. The best way to save on the moving day is by "recruiting" your neighbors, friends and relatives to help you with loading the rental truck. All you have to do is ask them nicely, provide drinks and food and show them your gratitude. Moving is expensive but doesn't have to hurt your pocket. After all you want to make sure you are left with enough money for any renovation and new purchases at your new place. With planning carefully and some creativity you can do wonders and gain valuable experience. Check online for tips on how to properly pack your items, load a truck and unpack. All of these tips will help you enjoy a cheap and efficient moving.