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Tips on Cleaning and Securing Back Your Security Deposit

If you are moving in the next few weeks, you better start cleaning your place if you want to get your security deposit in whole. You may even have to do few minor repairs too. The important thing is to leave the unit at least as clean as it was when you first got there. That's why you should clean the place from top to bottom.
You can start by dusting and vacuuming the ceilings, the lighting and the ceiling fans. If bulbs need replacement you should do so. Then you can move on to the walls. If you punched in some nails on them then you would have to remove them and fill in the holes. Then remove dirt and stains on the walls too. If the wall paint is uneven you should either even it out or repaint the wall entirely.
You should also clean the other parts of the unit. You have to start with the dirtiest spots though. For instance, you should clean the kitchen sink first. Then you should also clean the refrigerator next. Clean the rest of the appliances in the kitchen as well. The surfaces should be free from dust and the insides should be cleaned as well. Don't forget to clean the windows and the blinds as well. You should also clean the bathroom. And lastly, don't forget the floors. Take care of stains early on. Vacuum and shampoo the carpet as well. Even if this takes a lot of time and effort, all will be worth it when you get the security deposit back.