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Tips when Moving Into Your New House - Clutter Free!

Even within a short span of time, people tend to keep things and fill their houses with all kinds of stuff. They instantly assume that they would have a need for these items in the future.  But if you are ready to move to a new home, these things will be more of a burden rather than useful for you. Once you're ready to move, you can gather the whole family and explain to them that some items need to go. Anything that they find that they have no use for is better thrown away, sold in a garage sale or donated. As a result, moving will be a lot easier for you. Some items that you can get rid of include the following. ClothesOld clothes that sit in the closet for more than a year can be discarded or donated to charity. Old Bills and ReceiptsThese should be kept only for a year except for those with five year or longer warranties. ToysOld toys can be given to charity if they are still in good shape. You can even teach your kids to give these to another child who may not have any toys. Any Old Stuff Stored This could include old containers with little or nothing in them which are stored in the garage or attic. You can get rid of anything in your storage room that will not be useful in your new home. By seeing to it that what you will bring with you are just the things you need, will ensure that moving to your new home will be easy and clutter-free!