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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Neighbors who are Moving Away

Neighbors are not just the friends we share our secrets, desires, and miseries with. Sometimes a neighbor can be even closer to you than a relative, a colleague, or even a partner in life. Neighbors share not only a street, but everyday problems and they are frequently important connections and friends in our lives. When a neighbor leaves your local street, something leaves your heart, too. So, take this opportunity and show your neighbor, who is moving away, how much you do care about him or her. We suggest you buy something special as a goodbye gift, which can be a keepsake of a memory from you. Here we present our special suggestions for the Top 5 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Neighbors who are Moving Away.

One practical gift we recommend is something that will help your neighbors to package their things and belongings or move them into the new house easily. For instance, a brand new suitcase with a lock is a very nice option, especially if your neighbors have run out of trunks and have forgotten about a special bag to place in the fragile, delicate, and valued things. Your old trailer can do an even better job in helping during the moving away and moving out process.

Another gift possibility we suggest for you is something that your neighbors will use or place into their new house. Often, people buy a small souvenir, a decoration or a window-plant. Of course, you can be more original and instead of some generic item, a painting for the wall, or a vase, you can pick up some nice curtains, or a set of cups for coffee to make sure your neighbor will be able to hose new friends when they arrive at their new home. 

A very Budget-Friendly Gift could be also a thing that you possess, but your neighbor has always liked and admired while visiting your home. We do not mean that you give the neighbors who move away the TV set or your inherited jewelry, but something from of your household belongings. Walk through your house and the memories will come on their own - maybe a ceramic plate that your neighbor used to borrow for a garden party, or a stone statue in your living room, which your neighbor admired anytime you gathered for a poker evening.

A heartfelt gift you can buy is something that your neighbor has always wanted but never bought. It may be not something for the new house, but something personal you want to leave with him or her as a memory gift from you. For females we suggest a necklace, a pair of earrings, a dress, or even a decorative box for jewelries. As for the male neighbors, we recommend a watch, a wallet, a pendant for the car or an original lighter if he is a smoker. A universal present for the neighbors who are moving away and who have become really important for you, is a photo album with pictures of your life together on the same street - garden parties, children's birthdays, New Year's Eve celebrations, etc.

An emotional, Budget-Friendly Gift for Neighbors who are Moving Away is your personal support. This support can be both physical and emotion since moving can be a difficult time. Throw a Goodbye party with cake and tea for all the neighbors who used to visit with each other and the friend moving. You can also help your neighbor with the move, by lending them your truck or by lending a hand with the household belongings and the furniture or the packing.