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Top Tips for a Successful Relocation

Moving all your belongings from one place to another can be a really hectic task which leaves you really emotionally and physically exhausted. People nowadays are trying to find shortcuts for everything which can possibly be imagined, but when it comes to moving, there is no shortcut. You can`t leave things unfinished or try to do them too quickly, because in both situations a real moving disaster can occur. There are some things and small tips, which are usually quite useful and can make your relocation a smoother process. Here is a list with some of them: •    Prepare your move with at least 4 to 6 weeks before the actual day of your relocation, only if it is possible for you to do it. Also, if you need to transport any surplus items (items which are not really used/ useful) you should consider giving them away to a charity or organizing a garage sale. •    Find out a reputable and professional moving company with faultless track verification. If you are spending your money on a service at least make it worthy of the money you spend. If you are not sure where to find one, then ask your friends, family, neighbors, look in the newspaper or search the internet. The best removal companies should come up immediately. •    Get quotes from at least three moving companies. Beware not to choose the lowest quote. If the price is low that doesn’t mean that the respective company provides the services you want. Once with the quotes make sure you also ask about the services included in the price. •    Be cautious of oral estimates or quotations over the phone. If is not written on a piece of paper then that quote has no value. There are plenty of scam companies which will try to take advantage of your naivety and make you pay huge amounts of money after you hire them. All the estimation must be in script! •    At least three weeks before your actual moving day, you should make stipulations with the moving company. Make assurance, this way they will keep you frequently informed about the advancement of the move. •    Avoid signing empty or unfinished credentials and make sure that everything you get from them is written and is understandable and clearly visible. •    If you need moving materials then you can get them from the moving company. This can be a bit dear and you may want to avoid unnecessary costs. In this case, you can rent some of the packing materials, get them yourself or recycle boxes and apple crates from groceries, office supply stores or electronic stores. •    Be there when the moving company gets to your address. You want to make sure that the movers understand what they are supposed to do and you may also want to let them know which the fragile items are. This way, they will pay more attention when handling them and the changes of damage decrease considerably.