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Ways to Save Money on your Home Insurance

Home insurance can be expensive, and no matter how much research you do, how many quotes you get or how many price comparison websites you check, you could still be paying more than you necessarily need to! There are many ways to save money when it comes to choosing the right home insurance policy for you. Here are just a few of the best tips to cut the costs! -    Cheaper prices can come with package deals. If you’re taking out multiple insurance policies like contents and buildings insurance, buying them together from the same company might actually mean you qualify for a discount. Have a look into this before making any decisions. -    Don’t pay more than you need to! You may think it’s a good idea to go for the ultimate insurance package, but you could be throwing away money. Try to be realistic with the cover you’re going to need. -    If you’re opting for a pay-monthly insurance plan then it’s worth taking the time to figure out how much extra this could end up costing you when compared to paying a yearly lump sum. Chances are it’s going to be easier for you to pay month by month, but if you can go for the yearly payment then do that – it’s more than likely going to save you something! -    Before you decide on an insurance provider look into what security systems they recommend. Some companies will offer you a considerable discount if you can prove your home is well-protected against theft. A lot of companies only offer discounts for a certain level of protection, so have a look to see what’s available to you. -    In the same way your insurance provider may look favourably on your decision to have a certain burglar alarm installed, your smoke detectors as well as your door and window locks can get you a discount. Invest in protecting your property – you’ll decrease the chances of having your home targeted for theft, and your insurance company can’t fail to notice this! -    Just like with your car, your house can build up a no-claims discount. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking to change your provider if you feel as though you’re paying too much. Be realistic when it comes to changing your insurance plan, but keep your potential no-claims bonus in mind. -    If you need to make a claim make sure you think it through properly! You’ll most likely have to pay a compulsory excess charge towards any claim you make, but is this amount going to cost you more than the required repair work? Think carefully before making any decisions, especially as you’ll want to protect that no-claims bonus! -    You might be able to find a great plan that offer a hidden cashback deal. Scour the internet to find insurance policies on cashback websites to get a bit of money returned to you. Don’t get sucked in by the instant cash return though – try to think of that as a bonus. Remember that you’re looking for the best home insurance quote, not the most cashback you can get!