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Drawing A Furniture Layout Plan

After you have found the place you are going to move in into, you have to decide upon what goes where. You might have a good vision about how everything should look like, but to make sure, and to make the relocating process easier, you need to draw a house plan with every piece of furniture.

The furniture layout plan safes lots of time and energy. Because, if properly drown, it helps the movers from the company and everyone else who is helping you move in, to easily and quickly place everything on place with little, or, in the perfect case, no need of reordering the heavy furniture.

First you have to measure a lot. First get in your future home and measure the width, length and height of every room. Write this down on a piece of paper. Then draw by hand every room, their location within the house or apartment. Measure, write down and draw the location of every door and window, as well as the distance between them. You can also mark where you imagine you could place your furniture.

It's a good idea to use the time and the measuring tape you have, and:
    -measure the windows for the size of the curtains you are going to need
    -measure the size and mark the location of the radiators
    -find and mark the location of the circuits, and also the telephone, Internet and cable TV connections.

After the above has been done, you can come back home and do some more measuring. Measure and write down the width, length and height of every furniture peace you plan to take with you in the new home.

Now, with the measuring finished, take your time to actually draw the furniture layout plan. Draw on millimeter paper - it's designed for that purpose after all. Then decide on the scale. My proven advise, is to take 1:100. For those of you who don't have a degree in engineering like me - translation: one centimeter of the plan equals one actual meter. This scale is easy to calculate and to draw. So just go for it!

Then take the millimeter paper, a sharp pencil and a good eraser (trust me, you are going to need it!). Another personal advise - don't overendevour! You don't really need a ruler when drawing on millimeter paper. Again to those without an engineering degree - you just count the small boxes to make the line long enough, and draw it over the outside border of those boxes - a piece of cake!

Now you have to:
    -draw the outlines of the rooms
    -draw all the windows and doors with the direction in which they open
    -draw the radiators
    -mark the places of the circuits and the telephone, Internet and cable TV connections.

When you got so far - congrats! Now here comes the fun part:
    -write down the purpose of every room - bathroom, living room, entrance hall, closet etc. - on the paper with the plan
    - now take another sheet of millimeter paper and draw the outlines of every piece of furniture (tables, chairs, shelves, wardrobes and so on) in any order, but in the same 1:100 scale
    -label every piece of furniture so you can recognize them (because they are all rectangular or oval, and only size differentiates them on the plan), then take scissors and cut all of them
    -take your time placing the furniture pieces in different combination on the layout plan
After you have decided upon what goes where, take some glue and stick the cut furniture on place. Or, if you prefer so, you can draw their location on the plan.

Now you have a nice furniture layout plan. Make several copies of it. On moving day, present every mover with a copy, when discharging and moving in. Last personal advice: find some time to go to the new residence and hang a copy of the plan in every room, as well as in the entry hall, on the day before you move in. This is going to safe you lots of time and explanation on moving day!