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Home Improvements you could make on your N19 property before selling

Selling a home can be a long process, especially if you cannot find a buyer. In London, there has been a 7% decrease in the amount of people buying houses. So, how do you improve your N19 house to make it more attractive to potential buyers? Below are a few tips on how to make your house top of the market. Housing improvements can be both big and small. For those of you who are on a tight budget, the following tips can help you improve your house whilst getting more bang for your buck. A lick of paint will do the job. People like to decorate their own house so what's better than to start with a blank canvas? Painting the walls a simple, neutral shade and/or removing any bold decorating that you think looked good, is a brilliant way to increase people's interest in your home. Old, thinning carpets? Try replacing them with something newer and softer. There's nothing more appealing than a new carpet in a new home. Buyers will be looking for a new looking property, not something worn out and dreary. On the other hand, carpeting can be quite an expensive job, depending on the size of the floor that needs to be done. It might be worth getting a quote before you undergo this potential improvement-it could end up being quite costly however, having a freshly carpeted house (even if it did cost a few more pennies to complete), could mean an increase in the buying price, so there would be no real loss of money. The above improvements won't break the bank although if you're looking to spend that bit of extra money to really make your property stand out, you could try the following things: New unit: bathroom, kitchen, perhaps a new heating system as well. There is nothing more fantastic than entering a home to find shiny new units. This saves planning for the next person and it will make the home seem brand new. A new sink, shower, bathroom or even new tiles will all add to the feeling the buyer will get when they see the house: it is definitely worth the price being charged. After all, how many houses can you buy second hand that are so beautifully finished? Why spend money on a brilliant house when you have to spend even more on heating? All new houses are built to be more "eco-friendly". This doesn't mean you have to go and ruin the look of your property with solar panels; there are alternative methods to keep the heat in and reduce costs. Insulation in the attic, walls and roof is a major advantage of a new house so what better than to add it to your property? Double glazing is also another way to keep your house insulated. In the long run, it would be cheaper for anyone to live in a well-insulated house; they may spend more on the house initially but the heating prices will be lower so this makes an even balance between the two. Both of the above methods can be quite pricey, so this is only for serious improvements.A newly improved house is nothing unless it's a clean house. Professional cleaning is a great way to get rid of dust, dirt and plasterboard littering the floors. This is also good if you choose not to re carpet-a good clean may just do the job. Everyone is looking for a new house in a not so new property. No one wants to buy a property that will cost the world to improve. The above points will help you decide what improvements can be made to your home to make it as accessible as possible before selling. Remember: buyers like to make the house their own, in their own special way so give them the perfect starting point.