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Moving house - 1 week to go

Wow, the big day is finally looming, your house is in chaos, your head is filled with dates, addresses and costs and you’re finally one week away from moving house. It probably feels like yesterday you were naively searching the net for homes and now you’re finally almost packed and ready to go, hopefully. If it’s not going exactly to plan, or you had no idea of plan in the first place, this guide is sure to help as a moving house guide with just one week to go. Finalise arrangementsWith just one week to go it’s important to be fully aware of dates, times and arrangements. Whatever services you might be using you should be confirming dates and times, just in case. Call storage services and removal companies just to ensure they haven’t double booked or that anything has been lost in communication, if anything bad has happened, it’s easy to make amendments now, rather than waiting for a removal van which isn’t even due to turn up. Ensure communication with any solicitors or landlords that are involved, ensure everything is finalised and ask about where to leave keys for the new tenants. It might seem a little advanced to be leaving the keys whilst you still have to go to work for another week, but it’s best to know now and it keeps you organised with finding and safekeeping all the keys in your house, including garages and windows, before the last minute – or too late and you forget completely. Get cancellingNow that the move is looming you can start to transfer certain services to the new address, cancel existing subscriptions and notify relevant agencies of the move. Contact the Royal Mail to have your address transferred, you can even arrange for post to be forwarded to your new address to ensure you don’t miss any important mail or risk losing valuable documents. It’s also important to remember to cancel or transfer subscriptions such as cable, wireless, library books and gym memberships. Not only will it keep everyone up to date with your new address and direct correspondence to your new home, it will stop you incurring any costs for missing payments due to lost post. It’s also important to remember health services if you will be moving to a new area, you might have to register at a new doctors and dentist, so having medical records at hand or notifying them of your imminent move will help the process move along. Start moving the big stuffIt’s getting closer, so you can now start to pack up the larger stuff as well as items that are in storage. The stuff in attics and garages won’t be missed, so packing it now is a whole load of your mind within the next few days. Pack it all into a garage if possible so you can start utilising space in your home for the intricate job of packing all your personal items. If there is anywhere you can store these items such as at a friend’s house or by renting storage space, it will be a great benefit to your move, not only giving you a lot more space to work with, but by having a lot less to remember on the actual moving day. Towards the end of the week you can start to organise little things such as toiletries, jewellery and utensils; being organised ahead of time will make packing and moving on the day a breeze, as well as making unpacking simpler too.