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Removal Packing Tips for Children

Packing for a house removal is a long and tiresome process in which everyone should participate. It can be hard for parents to motivate their children to help out. The reasons for that are various, but usually parents prefer to deal with the removal on their own to make sure everything's done the right way. Little children can't help out much, pre-teens are hard to control and they can cause more damage than actually help, teenagers get all emotional about the relocation and simply say no. Then what's a parent left to do? They need to hire movers to help pack, ask friends or relatives to spend their free time helping for the move and they need to deal with their children's emotions in the meantime. All of these combined can make any removal look like a true nightmare. Here are some tips for packing for a removal that are suitable for children of ages above 9.
Packing clothing:
With a good explanation, your child can easily pack his/her clothes. Provide them with boxes or medium size, vacuum bags and bin bags. Ask them not to fill the boxes too much as they need to be with normal weight for carrying. Winter clothes can be packed at the bottom, while some current clothing and essentials in one separate bag.
Packing toys/games/figurines:
First of all, let them know that old or broken toys they don't play with anymore shouldn't be packed. There is no point encouraging them to keep old stuff and clutter, especially that you will have to pay for packing and transporting these. Fragile figurines and toys should be wrapped in linen or bubble wrap and placed in boxes. Help them label the boxes properly.
Packing books and comic books:

As books can be heavy when packed in piles, choose smaller boxes and tell your children that they need to find the best way to place them inside. Yet again, the boxes shouldn't be overfilled.

Helping with packing around the house:
Children want to feel important and useful, despite how it looks like. One of the ways to help them accept the removal and adjust to the thought is by allowing them to help in the packing process. The key is to avoid judging - obviously children don't know all the right techniques, but with your guidance they will be able to help you out considerably. Don't tell them that they are not doing a good job, simply choose easier tasks for them.

Another thing to be careful about is speed - children get attached to things quite easily and they also tend to shift their attention away from the task, to go through books and toys.  If you start the packing process early enough you wouldn't have to tell them to hurry up all the time, which can annoy them. Furthermore, while they are packing their bedrooms it's good to give them some privacy. Since children often keep diaries and other personal belongings that they don't want their parents to see, they might get quite defensive about their space once they start packing. Be reasonable and allow them some time to decide what they are going to keep and where they want to pack their most beloved items. This way you will have a much easier process for you and everyone else.