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The True Cost Of Moving Home

There are so many hidden costs whilst moving home, some expenses can run into the thousands depending on the distance you are moving, the time of year you decide to move and also how many items you will be taking with you. Other cost to take into consideration is the issue of if you are renting or buying your new home. 1.    If you are buying your home one cost you will have to pay on your new property will be the stamp duty land tax, this is one bill that cannot be avoided and must be paid. Depending on the value of your home will be dependent on the stamp duty paid. However if your home is classified as a designated disadvantaged areas you may be exempt from paying the stamp duty tax. 2.    Selling or renting the estate agents will always put in their fee’s, this fee also varies from location to location and is not a set amount, so it is important to find out what is the estate agents fee before signing up with that company, it will also be beneficial to check the estate agents track record to find out how successful their selling rate is, or if buying how efficient they are with their repairs or any problem you may have. 3.    You will also have to enlist the services of a solicitor to approve all paperwork and ensure that all documents are legally binding. Again solicitors fee’s will vary you may want to opt for a fix fee payment or a percentage payment or another option will be to pay by the hour so it will be worth investigating how many hours you will need to sort out your paper work.Other costs such as Land Registry fee also need to be taken into consideration. 4.    After all the legalities are sorted you will still need to account for essential items such as packing materials, tapes, boxes, pens and bubble wrap ect, extra cleaning products for both your new and old home. 5.    The next thing to take into consideration how you will conduct your removal, will you hire a hire a removal company who will supply everything from your packing materials to transportation to packing and unpacking, this can be an easy option especially if you have a very busy schedule, but beware that the cost can soon mount up, you may also opt for a man and a van hire if you are on a tighter budget and do the packing yourself, however your possession may not have the same insurance coverage if you packed your items yourself, if you are on an even tighter budge you may just opt to just hire a van yourself, the cost can of course vary depending on the size of vehicle you hire, this means you will have to do just about everything yourself and your driving licence will have to cover the vehicle that you drive this also applies to your insurance cover. If you do opt for hiring a vehicle yourself just remember that you will take sole responsibility for your possessions. 6.    Whichever option that you decide to choose it is vital that you give yourself enough time to research into the company you wish to hire and look for the best deal, remember to always check references as all your possession will be placed in the hands of that company no matter which one you chose in the end.