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Welcome To Your New Home

So you have finally arrived in your new abode. This place looks smaller than the house you have just sold. Your stuffs are all in small and big boxes and you don't know where to start. The travel has given you much stress including the sad feeling you have in leaving your old home.   But, stop that nostalgia. Here is your brand new house. You better start unpacking because it's nearly 12 noon and your kids are hungry. Sure, you have biscuits there but they would complain of that for sure.   So, unpack those stove and cooking utensils will you?  And start the fire of the stove.  This is your first cooking episode, be happy about it.  This one will be memorable in the days to come.   After such sumptuous lunch, your kids want to move around the house.  But you think they should stay in the living room while you unpack your stuffs. So, you and your friend who is kind enough to accompany you in this transfer arranged your furniture in the living room. Good thing you checked on this place ahead of time. Your sofa and other stuffs perfectly fit the place.   It's indeed a tiring day; but, a happy one.  This is your new nest. Be comfortable with it.