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What to Do on The Day Before The Removal

Planning a house move consists of multiple layers of organization, preparation and different choices. The planning for a removal usually begins a few months before the actual moving day, but the time always seems not to be enough. One of the biggest parts of every move is finding the right removals company and doing the packing. If you are willing to pay a bit more, then the removalists can pack for you, but this has its disadvantages. If you have chosen to pack on your own and leave only the big furniture and appliances to the movers, then you should be finished before the moving day. On the actual moving day there will be plenty of last-minute tasks to complete so make sure your boxes are ready to be sealed, they are labeled correctly and your car is ready for the move too. So what do you need to do on the day before the movers arrive at your doorstep?

One of the most important tasks you need to finish is arrange everything with third parties - babysitter, landlord, neighbors, etc. Don't flee the place like a thief, but discuss any matters with these people. If you need to notify your service providers and utility companies about the electricity and phone, do it immediately before the moving day to avoid any misunderstanding about the date. Getting these calls out of your way will allow you to focus on the actual moving day's tasks. Make sure your landlord has paid a visit or arrange one for a last inventory. After you deal with these things, start packing your essentials - clothes for after the move, toiletries, food, computer and other essentials. Gather important documentation and valuables and pack them in a bag. Think what you will need straight after moving and get these things ready in one big bag. If you have small children pack their essentials too. Do the same with pets' accessories, food and other items. Avoid putting random things in various boxes as you will lose track of the inventory. Most families start panicking and stressing out too much the day before the move. Sit down with your children and explain what will happen on the next day. Ask them to behave and not to stand on the way of the adults. Remember that a house move is stressful, but exciting too. Try to think positive and imagine the new place all arranged and ready. Your mindset will have a big impact on how the moving day goes. If you are too stressed, have a nap and put someone else in charge of last-minute tasks. Do a last clean-up and try to leave the house in its best condition. Store the boxes in a way that the movers will pick them up quickly and damage-free. Remove all tools out of the way, but keep your toolbox nearby just in case. Take the rubbish out and try to get enough sleep, as the moving day usually begins quite early. Notify your neighbors again and make sure there is enough parking space for the moving truck. Make sure you have enough cash for tipping the movers and paying any additional charges. The day before the move is an important time to do a last check-up and get in the right mindset, ready for the removal. Don't stress out and trust the movers - these people have the experience and know how to manage even with the biggest and hardest move.